Did we ever notice that we use our feet a lot, but seldom take care of them?
In fact, the skin on our feet is thicker than other part of our body.
Excessive use of feet directly causes the chapped, cracked, rough skin and callused.
And regular foot care can ease these symptoms.

That’s why we need to do something special for our feet.

Foot Scraper with Grip

Glam Foot Scraper is the one and only foot Scraper you will ever need!
It is ultimate in Quality and Design.

Glam Foot Scraper is easy to use, to sterilize and perfect to maintain hygiene with disposable grits pads on both the sides of scraper .
Stainless steel handle provides firm grip and leverage while ling.

Foot Scraper 2

Individual disposable grit pads in two different grits are easily replaced to create new, two-sided file for each use.Strong adhesive keeps pads in place during use and yet are easy to remove after each service, leaving no residue.

66% larger pad surface are perfect for fast filing. Thin filing area makes it flexible for use on different areas of the feet and between toes.

It comes with #80 and #150 Water Resistant replaceable grit pads.


After constantly using of Foot Scraper for some times , We will feel the foot scraper pads become less effective . Now no need to buy New foot scraper . We can change the Pads of foot scraper now , by our self and give the foot filter a second life. Saving lots of cost and product inventory .

With Glam Foot scraper 10 pieces replaceable grit pads absolutely free. And later on one can buy a refill packaging of 10 Pieces i.e #80 and #150 grits pads 5 pieces each in refill packaging .

Directions for Use

Step 1

worm water

Soak feet in warm or soapy water for 3-5 minutes to soften your dead skin and callouses.

Step 2


Without drying feet, align the Glam Foot Scraper with the blade side of the area. Slide the tool back and front until the dead skin or callouses is removed. Run the Glam foot Scraper across heels and base of the feet in a side-to-side motion to easily buff off rough, dry skin using #80 grit pad.

Step 3


Change to other side of Glam foot scraper and le across heels and base of the feet in a side-to-side motion using #150 grit pad.

Step 4

female feet and hands

After filing , Clean all the dead skin on your feet and moisturize your newly smooth, soft and perfectly-pampered feet. Dispose of any debris collected in the Glam foot scraper and wash thoroughly with mild, soapy water.

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